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HyperTrack lets you add location tracking to your work app within minutes.

Get started with Live by signing up and adding the HyperTrack SDK to your app. We currently support Android and iOS apps (hybrid app platforms coming soon). With Live, you get visibility into the movement of your app users' devices in real-time. Location data is organized as a Placeline accessible through webhooks, APIs and web views (mobile, iOS and Android coming soon). Custom app events may be added to the Placeline as Checkins. Live Status of devices is available as location, activity, device health and related meta-data.

Create expected_visits to give HyperTrack more context about what you are tracking. This will enable Visits & Trips that include features like geofencing and ETA. Geofencing tracks the entry and exit of devices at places specified by your application. ETA tracks the journey to those places in real-time. More features like nearby are coming soon. Visits & Trips bring productivity to the workforce and improve the product experience for your customers.

Add Analytics to get historic data of Visits & Trips organized as useful reports. You will have access to all tracked data in Live and Visits & Trips in real-time and for the same day. You may store and manage that data on your own servers if you so choose. With Analytics, HyperTrack does that for you and makes historic data available as reports with useful analysis and insights.